emmtrix Code Generator (eCG)

emmtrix Code Generator (eCG)

for efficient, comprehensible and compact embedded single core C/C++ code generation.

Develop target platform independent and readable C and C++ code for embedded singlecore processors from MATLAB®, Simulink®, Scilab or Xcos applications with the emmtrix Code Generator. The generated code is easy to understand and can be adjusted to individual requirements. Automatically generated reports help with the code certification process. In combination with the emmtrix Parallel Studio, the eCG enables multicore programming directly from MATLAB®, Simulink®, Scilab and Xcos.

Key Product features:



  • Generate target-optimized C/C++ code from MATLAB®, Simulink®, Scilab and Xcos

  • ISO C90, C99, C++98 and C++11 compliant code generation

  • Processor-specific code optimization

  • Highly comprehensible C/C++ code

  • Bidirectional traceability by code generation reports

  • User-controlled cache and memory optimization

Supported MATLAB/Scilab Language Features:

  • N-dimensional arrays
  • Matrix operations
  • Variable-sized data
  • Subscripting
  • Complex numbers
  • Double-precision, single-precision, and integer math
  • Fixed-point arithmetic
  • Program control statements if, for, while, break and continue
  • Arithmetic, relational, and logical operators
  • Local functions
  • Global variables
  • Recursive function calls

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