emmtrix Code Generator (eCG)

emmtrix Code Generator (eCG)

for efficient, comprehensible and compact embedded single core C/C++ code generation from MATLAB® and Scilab code.

emmtrix Code Generator (eCG) generates efficient, comprehensible and compact embedded C/C++ code from MATLAB® and Scilab code. For code optimization, it supports a wide range of the MATLAB® and Scilab language and extensions as well as embedded processor architectures. The C/C++ code can easily be integrated into existing projects for embedded systems or tested as standalone application on your PC. In combination with emmtrix Parallel Studio (ePS), eCG enables a multicore programming flow directly from MATLAB® and Scilab.

Product features:

  • Generate target-optimized C/C++ code from portable MATLAB® and Scilab code
  • ISO C90, C99, C++98 and C++11 compliant code generation
  • Processor-specific code optimization
  • Highly comprehensible C/C++ code
  • Bidirectional traceability by code generation reports
  • User-controlled cache and memory optimization

Supported MATLAB/Scilab Language Features


  • N-dimensional arrays
  • Matrix operations
  • Variable-sized data
  • Subscripting
  • Complex numbers
  • Double-precision, single-precision, and integer math
  • Fixed-point arithmetic
  • Program control statements if, for, while, break and continue
  • Arithmetic, relational, and logical operators
  • Local functions
  • Global variables
  • Recursive function calls

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