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emmtrix Parallel Studio Changelog


Release 2017.03.23

- Added Simulink Model Viewer, which currently supports:

- display of top level of model

- descend to sub block by double clicking on block

- block hover and selection

- history: Back/Forward/Home to model root

- zoom: 0,25 - 2.00 using toolbar or mouse wheel

- Support Simulink models

- HLS: Added synchronization for FPGA accelerators

- Fixed receive of pipe communication

- Enabled basic testing of C code in the C based flow

- Improved error handling when accessing projects/settings

- HLS: Added software interface generation for custom IP

- HLS: Added IP insertion into template Vivado project and bitstream generation

- HLS: Improved error handling and reporting

- Added video support for FriendlyARM NanoPi M3

- UnifyParameters now adds names to all unnamed function parameters

- Improved upgrade capabilities of project wizard

- automatic deletion of old epsproject and properties files

- generation of new epsproject and properties files

- Added Properties view to eCG and ePS perspective

- Added pass to place the eCG decision pragmas at parent blocks

- Improved error handling of update decision job

- Improved error handling of script execution


Release 2017.03.08

- Added support for Aurix FreeRTOS template and compiler script

- Added support for individual compiler settings for sequential, parallel and platform tests. These include:

-pre-/post-build bash script execution

-customization of CFLAG and LDFLAG

-customization of environment variables

- Improved support for handling of external files

- Improved support of __cplusplus define

- Added platform description for NanoPI M3 (S5P6818 Quad-Core Cortex-A53 1.4 GHz)

- Added platform description attribute "active" that determines whether a description is loaded/an available target platform


- HLS: improved the result checker to ensure compatability with Vivado HLS

- HLS: improved error checking of synthesis progress

- HLS: code refactoring and miscellaneous minor fixes


- Scheduler View: set minimal width of blocks to one pixel to improve placement of data dependecies


- Scheduler View: removed gaps beetween adjacent blocks to better reflect the blocks' actual runtime

- Scheduler View: block selection markers are now drawn after blocks, so that they may not be overlapped by adjacent blocks anymore

- HTG View: moved information about from right pane to the properties view

- HTG View: added button to show the property view


Code Generator Changelog (Not Part of Documentation)



- Syntax: Supporting number syntax using D or d character for exponent specification

- Matlab: Supporting polyfit function

- Matlab: Supporting matrix division by using mldivide or mrdivide function (instead of and /)

- Supporting min/max function with two output parameters. The function always iterates over the complete array.

- Supporting isequal function

- Bugfix: return statement in combination with output parameter was not working

- Scilab: Producing better error messages for not supported clear('x') and global('x') syntaxes

- Supporting large inline matrices. (40k elements in 10 seconds)

- Bugfix: Nested loop fission was not working

- Added modulo calculation for mod and rem



- Bugfix: Correct error message [x,y] = func() if func is not found

- Bugfix: forif optimization was not working under some circumstances

- Bugfix: EMX_DECISION pragma contains the current decision value and not the default

- Bugfix: Generating INOUT pragma for inplace modified variables

- Matlab: Supporting interp2 function with nearest and linear interpolation

- Supporting linspace and logspace function



- Intern: Back propagation is not working correctly if a forward propagation is required afterwards

- Bugfix: Unnecessary double in ismatrix and isvector

- Added error message for unsupported logical indexing

- Supporting logical indexing of linear access (without variable growing)

- Bugfix: emx_var_dimorder did not affect global variables

- Scilab: Supporting mtlb_isa function

- Supporting emx_func_implementation to add an implementation file if function is instantiated

- Scilab: Supporting isrow, isvector and ismatrix for hypermatrices

- Added extra bracket around && operator when used in combination with ||

- Bugfix: 10.^x was interpreted as 10. ^ x instead of 10 .^ x

- Supporting find function

- Supporting imwrite / imread function

- Supporting assert(size(var, dim) OP x) with <, <=, >, >=

- Supporting assert(all(size(var) OP x)) with <, <=, >, >=