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Together with our clients and partners we create solutions for leveraging embedded multicore programming.

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AbsInt are experts in tools and services for the development, analysis and certification of safety-critical software. Together with emmtrix they are working on topics like performance estimation and qualification of parallel programs.

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emmtrix Technologies is working together with the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V., DLR) to tackle different challenges in the avionics domain. This includes topics like parallelization of models and qualification of parallel applications.

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Fraunhofer IIS

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated circuits, emmtrix is bringing industrial image processing algorithms to embedded systems. This enables a model-based workflow while taking into account real-time constraints.

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The emmtrix technology is based on the GeCoS compiler infrastructure. We want to thank the GeCoS development team for their sterling work.

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HighTec and emmtrix Technologies are collaborating to offer integrated solutions of emmtrix’s C code generation with HighTec’s C/C++ compiler suites for automotive and industrial applications. This seamless workflow simplifies the configuration and compilation for established microprocessors such as AURIX, AURIX 2G, Power Architecture (PowerPC) and ARM.

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emmtrix Technologies partnered with Infineon, the leading semiconductor manufacturer for automotive applications to support Infineon’s 32-bit AURIX™ Microcontrollers based on Tricore™.

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emmtrix Technologies is a spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and still works closely with the institute today.

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TASKING and emmtrix Technologies are collaborating to offer integrated solutions for emmtrix’ C code generator with TASKING’s C/C ++ compiler suites for transportation, automotive and agricultural applications. This yields a seamless workflow between emmtrix Parallel Studio and the TASKING compiler, which in turn enables easy programmability for established microprocessors such as TriCore™, AURIX™ and RH850.

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TU Clausthal

emmtrix is working closely together with the Aeronautial Informatics working group of the TU Clausthal on topics like certification of parallel programs and model-based design flows for avionic applications.

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ViGEM is one of the leading developers of high-performance data loggers. emmtrix supports ViGEM with processing the ever-increasing amount of data occurring in modern automotive applications like driver assistance systems and autonomous driving.

If you are interested in our parallel computing solutions and services or if you would like to become a project partner please use our contact form or get directly in touch.

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