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Our Solution for Simulink®

emmtrix Model Code Generator translates your Simulink® models (*.slx) into MATLAB® or GNU Octave script files (.m). The generated code is easy to understand and enables traceability to the original Simulink® blocks. If you want to take your .m files to C or C++, use our emmtrix Code Generator to have the full process in one tool.

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Our Simulink® Product Workflow

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emmtrix Model Code Generator (eMCG) is our tool to convert Simulink® models to MATLAB® script files. The timing behavior of the model is translated into individual steps that are executed in a loop to replicate the exact sequence of operations of the original model. The generated script files only use standard MATLAB® functions without any dependencies to Simulink or any other external libraries and can therefore be used in workflows that don’t employ Simulink®.

Each expression in the generated script file has a comment to backtrack the functionality to the module of the Simulink® model. Not all blocks are directly translated to a corresponding expression in the script. When it is beneficial for the performance or the memory consumption, expressions are summarized in for-loops or constant factors are propagated to the relevant expressions.


  • Supports different Simulink® versions, starting with Simulink® 2016a
  • Generation of standalone application integrating ode1, ode2, ode4, ode5 or ode8 fixed-step solvers
  • Generation of parts of a model without solver optimized for code generation
  • Preserves the subsystem structure whenever feasible
  • Interfacing custom MATLAB® code (S-Functions)
  • Supports over 100 Simulink blocks
  • Multi-rate models
  • Automatable back-to-back tests for functional validation
  • Usable within continuous integration workflows

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