emmtrix Model
Code Generator

Our Solution for Embedded Singlecore Systems

Translate your Simulink® models (*.slx) into MATLAB® or GNU Octave script files (.m) with emmtrix Model Code Generator. The generated code is easy to understand and enables traceability to the original source blocks. If you want to take your .m files to C or C++, use our emmtrix Code Generator to have the full process in one tool.

Our Product Workflow


Simulink® models (.slx)

Code Generation

eMCG command line utility


MATLAB® scripts (.m)
GNU Octave scripts (.m)


  • Supports different versions of Simulink®, starting with Simulink® 2016a
  • Generation of standalone application integrating ode1, ode2, ode4, ode5 or ode8 fixed-step solvers
  • Generation of parts of a model without solver optimized for code generation
  • Preserves the subsystem structure whenever feasible
  • Interfacing custom MATLAB® code (S-Functions)
  • Support over 100 Simulink blocks
  • Multi-rate models
  • Automatable back-to-back tests for functional validation
  • Usable within continuous integration processes

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Rainer Heim