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emmtrix Technologies

Your software experts for embedded single- and multicore systems

emmtrix Technologies offers tailored support and consulting services. Our teams are assembled with most appropriate expertise and experience to solve individual customer challenges. We focus on delivering practical, customized, and enduring solutions.


We offer

  • Customization of emmtrix products for your target domain’s requirements
  • Individual interfaces for the seamless integration of emmtrix tools into your workflow
  • New product features on demand
  • Support for your target architecture of choice (i.e. multicore, FPGA, GPU)

Technical Consulting

We offer

  • Realization of MATLAB®, Simulink, Scilab and Xcos applications for embedded systems
  • Development of embedded software in C and C++ (C90, C99, C++98, C++11)
  • Optimization for singlecore architectures (e.g. cache optimization, floating-to-fixed-point conversion)
  • Deployment of applications on multicore architectures, FPGAs and GPUs (shared/distributed memory, homogeneous/heterogeneous)
  • Evaluation and selection of appropriate single- and multicore architectures individually and with FPGA and GPU accelerators if applicable


We offer

  • Technical instructions to learn the proper use of emmtrix products
  • Comprehensive trainings to learn all aspects of multicore software development
  • Individual trainings on related topics upon request

Rainer Heim,
Sales Manager

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