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emmtrix Technologies offers tailored support and consulting services. Our team is assembled with most appropriate expertise and experience to solve individual customer challenges. We focus on delivering practical, customized, and enduring solutions.

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Workflow Integration & Tool Customization

Complete Integration services considering unique and complex requirements

We offer

  • Customization of emmtrix tools for your target domain’s requirements
  • Individual interfaces for the seamless integration of emmtrix tools into your workflow
  • New product features on demand
  • Support for your target architecture of choice (i.e. multicore, FPGA, GPU)
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Technical Consulting

Transfer of our expert engineers’ knowledge and expertise

We offer

  • Performance optimization for single-core architectures (e.g. cache optimization, floating-to-fixed-point conversion)
  • Deployment of applications on multicore architectures, FPGAs and GPUs (shared/distributed memory, homogeneous/heterogeneous)
  • Evaluation and selection of appropriate single- and multicore architectures individually and with FPGA and GPU accelerators if applicable
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Trainings & Support

Advantages through a bunch of user trainings and project-based support

We offer

  • Guidance and exercises to learn the efficient use of emmtrix products
  • Comprehensive introductions to all aspects of multicore software development
  • Individual trainings on related topics upon request

Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 10 am (CEST)

Best Practice for Multicore Programming

Discover the most common techniques how to parallelize your code, avoid errors in parallel programming and use code transformations to expose the inherent parallelism inside of your applications. You will also learn quite a bit about our automated solution – emmtrix Parallel Studio.

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