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emmtrix C++ to C Compiler (eCPP2C) automatically translates your C++ source code into analyzable C code. The design goal was to keep the binary compilation of the original C++ code and the binary compilation of the translated C code mostly identical. This guarantees the functional correctness of the generated C code. eCPP2C utilizes the LLVM/Clang compiler technology to enable support of the latest features of the fast evolving C++ standard. In combination with emmtrix Parallel Studio, eCPP2C enables software parallelization of C++ applications.


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Our C++ Parallelization Workflow

emmtrix C++ to C Compiler Workflow

The emmtrix C++ to C Compiler is our solution to support parallelization of C++ software within emmtrix Parallel Studio. In general, the C++ standard is evolving in a 3-year release cycle (starting from 757 pages in C++03 to over 1800 pages in C++20). As a result of this rapid evolution, only a selected number of software tools supporting C++ compliant compilation are available. The additional C++ translation step (in contrast to supporting C++ natively in ePS) allows to reuse the proven-in-use Clang frontend of the LLVM project. This provides a future-proof support of the C++ language with only a limited effort required when adapting to new language versions.


  • Translation of C++ to C11 (ISO/IEC 9899:2011) source code
  • Utilizes latest LLVM/Clang compiler technology
  • Gurantees functional correctness of generated C code by verification tool
  • eCPP2C Qualification Kit (ISO 26262, DO-178C/330 or any comparable standard) can be provided on request
  • Demystifies how your C++ code is compiled to assembler
  • Can be used in combination with (certified) C compilers and C code analysis tools
  • Integrated into emmtrix Parallel Studio GUI to enable C++ code parallelization

Supported C++ Language Features

The following list displays some of the C++ language features supported by the C++ to C Compiler:

The emmtrix C++ to C Compiler is under active development and it aims to support the full feature set of the C++17 (ISO/IEC 14882:2017) standard as well as common GCC / Clang language extensions.

Interested in having C++ exceptions supported? Even though this C++ feature does not have an equivalent we can provide a solution to you upon request (see contact details at the buttom of the page).

Release Notes

Take a look at our release notes for our emmtrix LLVM Tools to learn more about new features, improvements and bugfixes.

For more information on the emmtrix C++ to C Compiler, having C++ exception supported or to request a demo, use our contact form or get directly in touch.

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