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At emmtrix, we take great pride in providing exceptional tools, solutions and services to our valued customers. We believe in the power of testimonials, as they reflect the experiences and satisfaction of our clients. Here, you will find a collection of testimonials from individuals who have experienced the quality and excellence that defines our brand.

What People Are Saying

“We have been working with emmtrix for multiple years now and their contributions have been of great value to our company. Their expertise in developing an application for capturing, analyzing and live-visualizing raw network traffic has improved the efficiency in our development activities. The emmtrix team is reliable and a pleasure to work with.”

Process & Pipeline

Baker Hughes

“Now that we have multicore hardware available everywhere, the question is how can developers split their application onto those cores. With the ePS developers have a tool that allows to take those parallelization decisions at a much less granular level than what we experience in the field today. Today most multicore SW projects either take a very long time to complete or they use the cores for completely separate tasks like OS, I/O and application. This results in poor performance enhancement often leaving 50% or more of the computing power idling. ePS shows where and how performance can be increased. As a “side-effect” of using ePS the developer quickly learns to design his application to be suitable for multicore HW.”

Arndt-Michael Meyer

Solution Manager & Partner Manager, ETAS GmbH

“We have been working with emmtrix for a couple of years now and we find their technology of great interest. Their expertise in the field of source-to-source compiler technology and their tool suite emmtrix Parallel Studio help us in developing and improving our high-performance hardware solutions.”

Sadahiro Kimura

Manager of Advanced Techology, NSI-TEXE

We hope that these testimonials provide you with valuable insights into the experiences of our esteemed customers. At emmtrix, we are committed to delivering excellence and building lasting relationships. If you have any questions or would like to share your own testimonial, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Please use our contact form or get directly in touch. We look forward to serving you!

Portrait Rainer Heim

Rainer Heim

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