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Below you will find an overview of our free webinars on software parallelization and vectorization. Modern multi-core systems, DSPs and GPUs are ubiquitous, with vector processing units like the PPU of AURIX TC4x™ adding another type of accelerator. In order to use these platforms efficiently and effectively, companies and software developers have to deal with and understand parallelization/vectorization. Distributing software onto the available processing units increases performance but also complexity. In our webinars you will learn how to successfully parallelize/vectorize code, as well as more about our tools and their benefits.

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September 26, 2024
10:00 am (CEST)

Run-time Analysis of Simulink Models

Software development for embedded systems very often involves time-critical applications that need to complete their tasks within a specified time frame. In this webinar, we will show how our emmtrix Performance Estimator can be integrated into model-based design flows using Simulink and TargetLink to enable performance estimation of individual Simulink blocks. We will look at how users can provide additional information for analysis and how generated reports can be used in automated flows like CI/CD workflows. A live demonstration will show the benefits as well as any potential limitations of this approach.


Why You Should Attend this Webinar:

  • Get performance information already during design
  • Solve timing issues before project integration
  • Gain early insights into program runtimes on various target platforms
  • Learn about performance estimation without hardware



Static Performance Estimation for Timing Analysis in Early Development

***Protected Download***

In this webinar, we will present how static performance estimation of the source code can be used to obtaint timing information very early in the development flow, without the need to execute the code. We will show different approaches based on C code and its assembler and discuss the accuracy that can be achieved by them. Finally, we will apply the performance estimation to a real-world example and show how the information can be used in our tools to improve the runtime of your programs.


Parallel Programming Made Easy for Infineon 32-bit TriCore™ AURIX™ MCU

Worried about the pitfalls of parallel programming on a complex and sophisticated multicore system like the AURIX™? In our 60-minute webinar we will show you how to harness the power of Infineon 32-bit TriCore™ AURIX™- TC2xx and TC3xx multicore microcontrollers without the necessity of diving deeply into the technical details of this powerful architecture.

Best Practice Webinar for Multicore Programming

New to multicore? Worried about the complexity of parallel programming? Help is at hand! In 75-minutes will cover among others the most common techniques how to parallelize code, avoid errors in parallel programming and show you how to successfully predict the performance of a parallelized application. We will also give a good idea of how our automated solution – emmtrix Parallel Studio, makes parallelization easy and show you a couple of key benefits.

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