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embedded world 2023 | hall 4 | 4-370

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Why You Should Come to Our Booth at embedded world 2023 – Hall 4 | 4-370

We are happy to be part of embedded world again this year and we hope to welcome you there in person. We are going to showcase our software services and tools to help you in your software challenges.

Our focus this year is on early stage timing analysis, performance optimization (parallelization and vectorization) and our powerful C++ to C compiler. At our booth we can give you live demos on these and other topics and our technical experts will be happy to discuss the challenges and technologies of your applications. On a lighter note, we have a game for you that will test your understanding of code runtimes.

As you can see, it’ll be fun and interesting.

Our Focus 2023

Timing Analysis

    • Early identification of bottelencks
    • Static performance estimation: No need to run code
    • Avoid last-minute design changes
    • Continuous performance monitoring (CI)

Performance Optimization

    • Identify optimization potential
    • Automated parallelization
      Multicore, DSP, CPU
    • Automated vectorization
      Arm Neon/SVE, RISC-V vector, TC4x PPU
    • Direct feedback on speedup

C++ to C Compiler

    • Improved compatibility and portability
    • Demystify your C++ code
    • Functional parallelization/vectorization
Screenshot of Parallel Scheduling
Screenshot of Parallel Scheduling
Screenshot of Parallel Scheduling

What You Can Expext at the emmtrix Booth

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Innovative software tools

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A number of services to support your projects

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Short demos on timing analysis, parallelization, vectorization, C++ to C conversion

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A voucher for free web consulting

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A game to test your code run-time knowledge

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An invitation to our latest webinar

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Some of Our Services

For more information on our services use our contact form or get directly in touch with Rainer Heim (, +49 721 9861 4565)


Find the right hardware for your project

emmtrix Parallel Studio icon

Analyse the performance of your application based on the source code

emmtrix Parallel Studio icon

Find hotspots in your schedule

emmtrix Parallel Studio icon

Show the timing cost of individual Simulink blocks

emmtrix Parallel Studio icon

Extract dependencies in your application

emmtrix Parallel Studio icon

Find out potential for accelerating your application


Optimize the run-time of your application

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Convert your C++ application to efficient C code

emmtrix Parallel Studio icon

Distribute runnables onto various cores

What People Are Saying

“We have been working with emmtrix for a couple of years now and we find their technology of great interest. Their expertise in the field of source-to-source compiler technology and their tool suite emmtrix Parallel Studio help us in developing and improving our high-performance hardware solutions.”

Sadahiro Kimura

Manager of Advanced Technology, NSITEXE

“We have been working with emmtrix for multiple years now and their contributions have been of great value to our company. Their expertise in developing an application for capturing, analyzing and live-visualizing raw network traffic has improved the efficiency in our development activities. The emmtrix team is reliable and a pleasure to work with.“

Process & Pipeline Services

Baker Hughes

Booth Staff

We are looking forward to the exchange with you. Contact us personally via phone, mail or LinkedIn to arrange a meeting. Alternatively, please press the button below to use Calendly to make an appointment with us.
Portrait Oliver Oey

Rainer Heim

Managing Director

at embedded world 2023:
Tue 14 – Thur 16

Portrait Timo Stripf


Timo Stripf

Managing Director

at embedded world 2023:
Wed 15

Portrait Oliver Oey


Srdjan Krivokapic


at embedded world 2023:
Tue 14

Portrait Oliver Oey


Oliver Oey

Product Manager

at embedded world 2023:
Tue 14 & Wed 15

Portrait Michael Rückauer


Michael Rückauer

Software Architect

at embedded world 2023:
Wed 15 & Thur 16

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