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Welcome to Embedded World 2024 – Meet Us in Person in Hall 4 | 4-350

This year, we’re focusing on Performance Estimation for Simulink/TargetLink workflows and Data Dependency Analysis for vehicle certification. Discover firsthand how these technologies give you more control and visibility in your projects. At our booth we will be offering live demos showcasing our advanced tools and services, providing tailored solutions to your software challenges.

Engage with our Experts

Our technical experts will be available to discuss the challenges and technologies of your applications. Seize this opportunity for deeper insights and collaborative exploration of new solutions.

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Our Focus 2024

Performance Estimator

    • Static CPU-runtime analysis
    • Runtime of C code / Simulink blocks
    • Reveal hidden performance losses
    • Average / maximum execution time
    • Automatically run in CI flow

Dependency Analyzer

    • Verify input-output signal connections
    • AUTOSAR integration
    • Freedom from interference analysis (ASIL)
    • Emissions compliance of OBD systems
    • Event chain analysis
Screenshot of Parallel Scheduling
Screenshot of Parallel Scheduling

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Your Benefits With Our Tools

emmtrix Parallel Studio icon

Analyse the performance of your application based on the source code

emmtrix Parallel Studio icon

Show the timing cost of individual Simulink blocks

emmtrix Parallel Studio icon

Identify high-runners in your schedule


Find the right hardware for your project

emmtrix Parallel Studio icon

Assess performance impact of code variants

emmtrix Parallel Studio icon

Detect potential to accelerate your application


Automate documentation of OBD relevant signals

emmtrix Parallel Studio icon

Visualize dependencies in your application

emmtrix Parallel Studio icon

Convert your C++ application to efficient C code

What People Are Saying

“We have been working with emmtrix for a couple of years now and we find their technology of great interest. Their expertise in the field of source-to-source compiler technology and their tool suite emmtrix Parallel Studio help us in developing and improving our high-performance hardware solutions.”

Sadahiro Kimura

Manager of Advanced Technology, NSITEXE

“We have been working with emmtrix for multiple years now and their contributions have been of great value to our company. Their expertise in developing an application for capturing, analyzing and live-visualizing raw network traffic has improved the efficiency in our development activities. The emmtrix team is reliable and a pleasure to work with.“

Process & Pipeline Services

Baker Hughes

Meet Our Booth Staff

Ready to meet our experts at embedded world 2024? Arrange a meeting by clicking the buttom below.

Portrait Oliver Oey

Rainer Heim

Managing Director Business

Tue 09 – Thur 11

Portrait Timo Stripf


Timo Stripf

Managing Director Technology

Tue 09, 1300 – 1700 hrs
Wed 10, 0900 – 1600 hrs

Portrait Timo Stripf


Michael Rückauer

Principal Software Architect

Tue 09, 1200 – 1700 hrs
Wed 10, 0900 – 1600 hrs

Portrait Oliver Oey


Oliver Wolf

Technical Product Manager

Wed 10, 1100 – 1700 hrs
Thurs 11, 0900 – 1600 hrs

Portrait Oliver Oey


Srdjan Krivokapic

Software Developer

Tue 09, 0900 – 1600 hrs

Portrait Timo Stripf


Tobias Columbus

Software Developer

Tue 09, 1500 – 1700 hrs
Wed 10, 0900 – 1700 hrs

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