2000 Followers on LinkedIn

January 10, 2023

What great news at the beginning of the year – Thank you for 2000 followers on LinkedIn!

We are very happy that our content is well received and are very grateful for every like, comment and shared post!

Our LinkedIn page has become an important (if not THE most important) source of information for anyone interested in “Automation Tools for Better Code”.

Not a follower yet? Join the conversation and become part of our community on LinkedIn by clicking this link.

Here are some reasons to follow us on LinkedIn:

  • Keep up with new trends in parallelization, vectorization and performance estimation
  • Be among the first to hear about our latest software tools updates
  • Discover our customers’ experiences and read about new co-operations
  • Get a glimpse behind the scenes of emmtrix

With this in mind, here’s to the next 2000!

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