emmtrix Appoints NeXtream as Japanese Value-Added Reseller and Support Partner

August 04, 2021

Germany, Japan – August 4, 2021: emmtrix, pioneer of architecture-oriented parallelization for high-performance embedded multicore systems, today named NeXtream as its Japanese Value-Added Reseller (VAR).

emmtrix Technologies,  founded as a spin-off from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in 2016,  offers software solutions for efficient, automated software parallelization for embedded multicore processors.

The company’s two main software development tools are “emmtrix Parallel Studio (ePS)“ for the automated development of parallel C code for embedded multicore systems and “emmtrix Code Generator (eCG)“ for the automated generation of platform-independent and readable C and C++ code for embedded single core systems from, among others, MATLAB® and Simulink®.

NeXtream, located in Yokohama, a provider of software, hardware and IP created outside Japan, has a solid track record of supporting world-renowned Japanese corporations in the areas of embedded SW parallelization, EDA and IP business.  They will be offering emmtrix’s whole product range as well as localized trainings.

“emmtrix has great technology of parallelized embedded source code generation from Model Based Design tools. We are excited to sell emmtrix products with our seasoned support skills.” (Tsunemori Kawahara, NeXtream)

“We are very pleased to partner with NeXtream and look forward to providing great tools combined with excellent local service to our customers in Japan.” (Rainer Heim, emmtrix)

For more information on emmtrix’s new sales partner in Japan please contact info@nextream.bz and visit https://nextream.bz/ or contact Rainer in Germany (+49 721 9861 4565rainer.heim@emmtrix.com).

NeXtream - Value-Added Reseller in Japan for emmtrix Products
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