End of the Home Office Obligation: This Is What the Corona Regulation Looks Like at emmtrix

April 11, 2022

Mandatory working from home has come to an end and companies are no longer legally required to offer home office to their employees. The responsibility for corona protection is now in the hands of employers.

At emmtrix, everything will remain the same with regard to home office. We will return to our setup from last autumn. Our office is always open to everyone. However, those who prefer to work from home can continue to do so up to 50% of the time.

“Hybrid working has its advantages and we have found a good way to accommodate our employees with the necessary flexibility. In our team the remote working model is very well accepted. In times of  very high infection rates, such a flexible setup helps us to keep the risks for our employees low and of course  we will also continue to provide free tests and masks to everyone,” says Rainer Heim, Managing Director of emmtrix Technologies GmbH.

You can read about how we have implemented and live a hybrid working model at emmtrix here:

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