Lowering the Abstraction Level: from Classes in C++ to Function Calls in C

February 14, 2023

emmtrix is proud to present its latest code conversion tool at embedded world 2023 in hall 4, 4-370: emmtrix C++ to C Compiler.

It can be used to convert C++ programs to plain C code while maintaining the same performance and functionality of the original code. Many C++ features are directly supported, such as classes, multiple inheritance, (variadic) templates, C++ casts, references or static asserts.

Using the latest LLVM/Clang compiler technology, we currently support C++11 and C++14. This lower level of abstraction can be useful to better understand the actual functionality of the program and has several use cases:

  • Use your C++ programs on embedded systems where only C compilers are available
  • Use certified C compilers
  • Use static source analysis tools that only support C
  • Build libraries that can be more easily linked from other programming languages

For more information on the emmtrix C++ to C Compiler

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