Test Our New Solution within emmtrix Parallel Studio: Data Dependency Analysis

June 01, 2022

The emmtrix solution can be used to analyze the data dependencies in the source code of your application. Here are a few different use cases for this feature:

  • Analyze the connections between all input and output signals and verify them with your specifications to ensure that there are no unwanted side effects
  • Identify the closely connected parts of the code in order to minimize the synchronization overhead during parallelization
  • Find out which modules might be affected further down the event chain when changes to the source code are made
  • The fully automated dependency analysis can be integrated into continuous integration flows to log all changes during the development

The results of the analysis are prepared for further uses: reports as XML files for further processing in other tools, graph-based visualization to get an overview of specific code regions or direct integration into the source code to see the results together with the actual implementation.

Data Dependency Chain Analysis
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