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📢 Announcement: “Demystifying C++” Article Series
We’re pleased to introduce our new article series, “Demystifying C++”. This series provides insights into C++ constructs by examining them through the perspective of our C++ to C transpiler.

📘 About the Series:
C++ is a versatile programming language, but its intricacies can be challenging to grasp. Our goal is to offer clarity on these complexities.

🔧 About emmtrix C++ to C Compiler:
At emmtrix, we’re developing a C++ to C transpiler based on the clang frontend. One of its primary features is ensuring semantic equivalence between the original C++ code and the generated C code.

🔍 Spotlight on “Classes” in C++:
Classes are fundamental to C++ and embody the object-oriented paradigm. They encapsulate data and behavior, distinguishing C++ from languages like Assembler and C. In our series, we’ll delve into how classes are translated into C structures and functions, offering a clearer understanding of their underlying mechanics.

Join us in this exploration of C++ and its constructs.

For a detailed read, check out our first article “Classes” in C++:

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