Demystifying C++: Virtual Classes (Polymorphism)

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📢 Next in Our “Demystifying C++” Series: “Virtual Classes”

Following our initial exploration into “Classes”, we now turn our attention to a pivotal concept in object-oriented programming: “Virtual Classes”.

🔍 Understanding Polymorphism:
Polymorphism allows for a unified treatment of different objects, typically through a shared interface. While C++ facilitates this with its class syntax, inheritance and virtual methods, achieving similar functionality in C demands a more intricate approach. Our article delves into the methods used to emulate polymorphism in C, utilizing structures, function pointers, and virtual tables.

🔍 Key Insights:

  • The significance of __vptr in base classes
  • The process of virtual method calls and the challenges associated with them
  • The introduction of the ‘final’ keyword in C++11 and its implications for devirtualization
  • The underlying operations of the dynamic_cast operator.

🔗 For a detailed analysis, read our latest article: Virtual Classes in Demystifying C++.

Join us in further exploring C++ intricacies and their C representation.

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