It’s Official: emmtrix Is on the Way to Reducing Its CO2 Footprint!

September 13, 2022

As announced in July, emmtrix is participating in the EIC Greenhouse Gas Program, which is officially supported by the European Commission to help SMEs reduce their CO2 emissions in the mid-term.

The program is based on the GHG Tool, which allows participants to simulate the GHG emissions of their activities to the greatest extent possible (e.g. heating offices, company cars) and propose reduction or mitigation measures.

Stage 1 has been successfully mastered by emmtrix (see label). The carbon footprint for a baseline year has been assessed. Now the task is to identify areas for improvements, select the most promising measures and to implement them in the next years in order to achieve CO2 reduction / CO2 neutrality.

EIC Badge - CO2 Footprint
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