emmtrix Dependency Analyzer

November 07, 2023

emmtrix Dependency Analyzer (eDA) is our new tool to assist you with the safety analysis of your applications. Results from a data dependency analysis of the source code can be used to:

  • Verify freedom from interference
  • Propagate different safety levels of variables
  • Detect mixed criticality dependencies (variables with different safety levels)
  • Verify event chains between input and output signals of the system

A further use case is the optimization of your testing strategies by identifying which subsystems are affected by a change in the source code and, more importantly, which subsystems are not and therefore do not have to be tested again.

The tool can easily be integrated into CI flows offering automation, versioning and logging.

Interested in our tool “emmtrix Dependency Analyzer”? Contact Rainer Heim (+49 170 447 2986, rainer.heim@emmtrix.com) or request a demo here:

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