emmtrix Performance Estimator

October 31, 2023

emmtrix Performance Estimator (ePE) is our new tool to estimate the runtime of your applications on different embedded processors. Using static source code analysis of the C code or the assembly output of your favourite compiler, an estimation of task runtimes can be made starting very early in the development without the need of the actual target platform.

The results can be automatically generated in CI flows where they are written into interactive, sortable and searchable HTML reports. Alternatively, the results of the performance estimation can be visualized using our interactive and zoomable hierarchical program view.

ePE can be used to increase the timing awareness throughout the software development, from function developers to the software architects. With the support for different popular processors (Infineon AURIX, ARM Cortex, PowerPC…), ePE can also be used to explore the best fitting architectures for your project.

Interested in our tool “emmtrix Performance Estimator”? Contact Rainer Heim (+49 170 447 2986, rainer.heim@emmtrix.com) or request a demo here: 

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