ePS Version 2021.03: Improved Visualization of If Blocks

May 20, 2021

Our hierarchical program representation is an easy way to visualize the performance and find the hot spots of your application.

With the latest release of emmtrix Parallel Studio, we improved the visualization of if-blocks with additional information. All child tasks are scaled according to the number of times they are taken to better visualize the average execution time of your application. Of course, all accurate numbers for the duration from either profiling, simulation or static code analysis, can also be accessed from the GUI.

For more information on the visualization of if blocks in our hierarchical view and features of our latest ePS version (2021.03), such as code obfuscation, please contact Rainer Heim (✉ rainer.heim@emmtrix.com, ✆ +49 721 9861 4565).

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