Five Reasons Why You Should Use the emmtrix C++ to C Compiler

May 03, 2023

If you are faced with the challenge of converting C++ code to C, then you should consider our C++ to C Compiler.

The emmtrix C++ to C Compiler translates C++ code to efficient, readable C code. Most of the C++ 14 standard is supported, including the C++ standard libraries, making a wealth of pre-existing C++ libraries and applications available to systems that only support C.

Here are five benefits of this versatile, safe tool that will make your daily work easier:

  1. Compatibility
    emmtrix C++ to C Compiler ensures that code written in C++ is compatible with systems and applications written in C. This can be particularly useful for legacy systems or projects that use both C and C++.
  2. High portability
    emmtrix C++ to C Compiler allows existing applications to be used on systems that do not support C++.
  3. Performance increase
    C is generally considered to be faster and more lightweight than C++, making it applicable to smaller embedded systems. The optimizations performed by the emmtrix C++ to C Compiler reduce the burden of performance-heavy C++ features, avoiding dynamic memory allocation and inheritance.
  4. Compliance with standards
    Helps comply with software development guidelines such as MISRA-C, facilitating code safety and reliability in safety-critical embedded systems.
  5. Meets Functional Safety standards
    Facilitates the use of certified tools such as compilers and static code checkers that are not available for C++.

Sounds interesting? Do you need more information or want to get a demo? Contact Rainer Heim (, +49 170 447 2986), he will gladly help you.

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