emmtrix Supports Its Employees to elevate Their Well-Being with a FREE mesana Health Check-Up

July 04, 2023

At emmtrix we firmly believe that a healthy workforce is a thriving workforce. That’s why we’re delighted to offer all our employees a complimentary health check-up through the mesana Health Check-up program in partnership with AOK in Karlsruhe! 💪💡 All this extensive measurement requires is to wear a small sensor for 48 hours, which is inconspicuously attached below the chest and measures directly at the heart.

Let’s talk about the benefits: By participating in this program, our employees will receive a personalized report that highlights their strengths and areas for improvement. This knowledge will empower them to better understand their body and take proactive steps to address any potential health risks.

But that’s not all! The mesana Health Check-up also offers tailored recommendations and resources to help to enhance our employees’ overall well-being. Whether their seeking guidance on nutrition, fitness, stress management, or mental health support, they will gain access to a wide array of valuable resources designed to support their mind, body and soul.

The mesana programme ensures complete anonymity of the data acquired, providing specific information only to the individual participant.

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