emmtrix Journey to Carbon Neutrality

July 12, 2022

emmtrix Technologies has been receiving support from the European Innovation Council for more than 2 years now. Recently we were made aware of a programme to help EIC supported companies on their way to reducing their CO2 footprint, the EIC Greenouse Gas Programme. We have now completed stage 1 of the programme and are awaiting our first badge.

In stage 1 the focus is on taking stock of how a company impacts on the environment via heating offices, company cars, commuting to and from work, but also having goods delivered down to the amount of waste produced. In our case there was a triple recognition:

  1. We are not that bad (no company cars, quite a few people walk to the company or take public transport).
  2. There is lots to discover (what type of energy is the Technologiefabrik, our start-up center, using? Is it gray, green-ish or green?)
  3. Reducing our carbon footprint is going to be a journey.

The key attraction of the programme is that there is a tool (EIC Greenhouse Gas Tool) that guides us through the process and systematically helps us become aware of the involved elements. On top of the tool we are given free access to experts who assist with the assessment, tracking and reduction strategy.

We are only in the beginning of a journey and there will be financial considerations, the dangers of greenwashing and bad habits of a lifetime to be corrected, but with the help of external advisers we can re-think or maybe even re-invent our behaviour as a company.

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