Enhancing Parallel Code Reliability: Discover Our Patent EP3944071

July 12, 2023

We have recently been granted patent EP3944071. Today we would like to show you the advantages that our patented technology offers.

🚀 Prove that the emmtrix Parallelization is Free of Errors with our Checker Tool
When source code is modified for parallel execution, the parallel source code may contain additional synchronization primitives, copies of variables, and could have a different order of execution. Our patented methods guarantee the functional equivalence of the parallel program to its sequential counterpart and that no errors such as race conditions or deadlocks have been introduced into the parallel program.

🎯 Software Parallelization Meets Functional Safety Standards
With our patented verification technology, users can qualify the output of our emmtrix Parallel Studio in line with standards like ISO 26262, DO-178C/DO-330, and similar. To our knowledge, this is the only qualifiable automated parallelization flow available to date.

Discover the scope of our patented technology. Contact Rainer Heim (📞 +49 721 9861 4565, 📨 rainer.heim@emmtrix.com) to learn more and get a free demo.

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