emmtrix Sponsors Fire Safety Education for Children

April 18, 2023

Children do not know about fire hazards. On the contrary, they love playing with fire. Fires occur again and again because, out of ignorance and carelessness, children play with matches, candles, lighters or even fireworks. The Stadtfeuerwehrverband Karlsruhe e.V. educates elementary school children in the Karlsruhe region on the dangers of open flames and how to deal correctly with fire hazards.

This effort is supported by the free, age-appropriate coloring- and workbooks published by K&L Verlag GmbH & Co.KG. By working on them at home or at school, children can demonstrably better understand and absorb the fire safety awareness and instructions for correct behavior that have been conveyed.

emmtrix Technologies gladly supports this work and is sponsoring a one-time class set of the workbook „Brandschutzerziehung für Kinder in der Stadt Karlsruhe“ (“Workbook for Fire Safety Education for Children in Karlsruhe”).

For more information on the coloring- and workbooks, please visit the K&L Verlag website. Here you will also find contact details if you are interested in a sponsorship.

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