Using AUTOSAR with emmtrix Tools

February 22, 2024

To make our tools suitable for automotive environments, we have significantly improved our support for AUTOSAR. Previously, we were able to parse ARXML files for relevant runnables that could be used as entry points for performance estimation in our emmtrix Performance Estimator (ePE). We are now working on the following two new features:

  • We extract information about ports of software components (SWCs) to enable analysis of dependencies between R- and P-Ports of runnables in our emmtrix Dependency Analyzer (eDA).
  • We use information about data accesses of runnables to generate our own RTE implementation for accessing ports of SWCs. This allows us to analyze the C code of individual runnables in an isolated way, without needing the actual RTE implementation.

Together, these two features allow us to estimate the runtime of each runnable as well as the dependencies between different runnables. The additional information about trigger events enables ePE to analyze entire event chains and to determine the latency from an input to an output port.

The information provided by the AUTOSAR specification offers even more potential uses in our tools, stay tuned for updates on this topic.

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