Vector Fabrics’
Pareon Profile

Vector Fabrics’ Pareon Profile

Vector Fabrics, B.V. was a software-development tools vendor that originated from Eindhoven and was based in Zaltbommel, the Netherlands. They developed tools for programming multicore platforms. Vector Fabrics set out to help software developers and OEMs that struggle to write error-free and efficient code for multicore and (heterogeneous) manycore processors.

Vector Fabrics was declared bankrupt in May, 2016. High development costs combined with too little income wiped out the company from Zaltbommel. The existing investors did not want to come up with more money and talks with a new investor came to nothing [1]. The original website from Vector Fabrics is offline but an old version is available at

Vector Fabrics’ Pareon Profile was a predictive profiling tool based on dynamic analysis to explore opportunities and bottlenecks for parallel execution of C and C++ code. The product included a model of the target platform (e.g. ARM Android) to predict the performance and power gains of a proposed code rewrite. It has been used a.o. to optimize Blink and Webkit, the engine underlying the Chrome browser, the Bullet Physics engine, the IdTech4 game engine underlying Doom 3 and a number of video codecs and image processing applications.

On Youtube two videos are available that give a good overview of the concepts behind Pareon Profile’s approach:

We met Vector Fabrics at our first Embedded World exhibitions in 2015 and 2016. The Paeron Profile was a very interesting tool and it inspired us on our hierachical task visualization within emmtrix Parallel Studio. We want to thank Vector Fabrics for all they did for the market of parallelization tools and especially wish the founders Martijn Rutten, Jos van Eijndhoven and Paul Stravers all the best for their future.

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Rainer Heim

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