How to Parallelize Code Easily

emmtrix Technologies offers software solutions for efficient, automated software parallelization for embedded multicore processors. We hereby continually seek for most enduring solutions for our customers by taking a comprehensive software and hardware perspective into account.

Our Product Workflow

emmtrix Product Workflow

The emmtrix products form a workflow that help you bring your applications to parallel hardware. With the conversion tools emmtrix Model Code Generator, emmtrix Code Generator and emmtrix C++ to C Compiler, Simulink models con be converted to MATLAB® scripts or from either MATLAB®, Scilab, Octave or C++ code to plain C code. This generated code or the program in C can be used in emmtrix Parallel Studio to optimize and parallelize the runtime by generating efficient parallel C code for the target platforms. Together with the ePS Qualification Kit, this workflow can be used for the development of safety critical applications according to standards like ISO 26262, DO-178C/330, IEC 61508 or EN 50128.

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More Speed

  • Improve your application response time and processing throughput
  • Performance prediction early on in the development process
  • Speed up your applications with the use of powerful hardware
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More Quality

  • Correct-by-design approach
  • Integrated functional tests for sequential and parallel code
  • Develop safety-critical applications (e.g. ISO 26262 and D0178C)
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More Done

  • Automate and stay in control
  • Model-based software development for multicore targets
  • Simple workflow integration
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emmtrix Parallel Studio 

User-configurable automated development of parallel C code for embedded multicore systems, GPUs and FPGAs.


  • Automated generation of parallel C code
  • Interactive optimization with user-friendly Eclipse-based GUI
  • Performance Prediction
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emmtrix Code Generator

Efficient and readable embedded sequential C code generation from MATLAB® or Simulink®, Scilab or Xcos or GNU Octave optimized for parallelization.


  • ISO C90, C++98 and C++11 compliant code generation
  • Performance & Memory analysis
  • Highly comprehensive target-optimized C/C++ code
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emmtrix Model Code Generator

Translate your Simulink® models (*.slx) into MATLAB® or GNU Octave script files (.m) with emmtrix Model Code Generator.


  • Supports different versions of simulink, starting with Simulink 2016a
  • Generation of standalone application integrating ode1, ode2, ode4, ode5 or ode8 fixed-step solvers
  • Generation of parts of a model without solver optimized for code generation
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emmtrix C++ to C Compiler

The emmtrix C++ to C Compiler (eCPP2C) automatically translates your C++ source code into analyzable C code.


  • Translation of C++ to C source code
  • Utilizes latest LLVM/Clang compiler technology
  • Guarantees functional correctness of generated C code by verification tool
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ePS Qualification Kit

With the ePS Qualification Kit, the parallelization in ePS can be validated to ensure that there are no new errors because of the parallelization like deadlocks or race conditions.


  • Performs a formal equivalence check with the help of an additional verification tool
  • Proves the absence of deadlocks and race conditions
  • Generates safety reports
  • Applicable with standards like ISO 26262, DO-178C/330 and more

Some Supported Platforms

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