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embedded world
2024 –
A Look Back

We’ve returned from embedded world 2024. Here, we want to share our impressions and experiences at the trade show with you.

Before the Show: The Excitement Builds

The weeks leading up to the trade show were a time of intense preparation. Our goals were clear: generate leads, introduce new tools, and make a lasting impression. On our event page, we provided insights into our trade show highlights, stand design and presented our booth staff. At the heart of our booth concept was the clear focus on our two  analysis tools:  emmtrix Performance Estimator (runtime estimation) and emmtrix Dependency Analyzer (data dependencies). Our goal was not just to showcase these innovations, but to create a space for meaningful interaction with our visitors.

During the Show: Networking

Through live demos, we offered hands-on experiences that demonstrated the real-world applications and benefits of our software tools. A survey was conducted to gather insights and feedback directly from the industry professionals, enabling us to understand their needs and challenges better. This approach allowed us to connect with the interests of our visitors on a deeper level, facilitating discussions that went beyond the surface and into the core of what our tools can achieve.

A trade show is always an excellent opportunity for spontaneous conversations and meetings with prospects, partners, potential resellers.  A clear highlight this year were our scheduled meetings with existing and potential customers. In particular we were very happy to have a very enjoyably chat with Mercedes-Benz on our automated dependency analysis of AUTOSAR code. What a great photo to mark this important milestone (see picture below).

After the Show: Reflecting and Looking Forward

embedded world 2024 might be over, but our journey continues. Thanks to everyone who made our appearance at the trade show an unforgettable experience. The conversations, the feedback, and the encounters were inspiring and motivating. Stay tuned for updates on our tools, upcoming events, and more news. Our next product release will be published soon, bringing all the features shown at embedded world to an official version for the end users. For emmtrix Performance Estimator (ePE), this includes support for model-based workflows using TargetLink for code generation and for all our analysis and optimization flows it includes a more advanced constant propagation for improved results.


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