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Get to Know the Performance of Your Simulink Models 

The TargetLink Extension for emmtrix Performance Estimator (ePE) analyzes C code generated by TargetLink and the performance values back to the original Simulink blocks. This enables function developers who work with Simulink models to get a better understanding of the performance impact of design decisions on the embedded device. Results can be accessed directly from generated HTML reports or viewed in the ePE GUI, helping to identify the bottlenecks / hotspots of the application even faster.


  • Analysis of TargetLink generated C code
  • Min and max execution times
  • Number of times blocks of subsystems are called
  • Interactive HTML report for results
    • Filtering
    • Searching
    • Sorting

Your Benefits

  • Continuous monitoring of runtime with CI flow integration
  • Runtimes for subsystems and modules without instrumentation of source code
  • Exploration of different architectures without the need for hardware

Example of HTML Report for the Performance

intuitive visualization

Some Supported Platforms

A wide range of supported target platforms ranging from general-purpose processors (e.g. ARM Cortex-A series or X86) to special-purpose microcontrollers (e.g. Infineon Aurix family) are already supported. In general, the performance estimation can be easily adapted and customized to provide basic supoprt for new processor architectures. More complex and accurate hardware models with respect to the processor pipeline can be supported on demand.

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